About ustinaXinglese“Today however we cannot only cry, is time to learn something”

 This phrase, written in  October 1963 after the Vajont disaster that Tina Merlin tried as well as she could to prevent, sums up the raison d’être of the cultural association which bears her name. The Association was founded by a group of Tina’s friends and supporters in November 1992, a short while after she passed away.
The Association aims to continue the research and the undertaking that Tina began, particularly on the issues that were dearest to her: individual and collective effort for a fairer society; the enhancing and safeguarding of the ideals and values that fuelled the struggle for liberation; the search for the roots of the people that she belonged to, the development of society towards greater human and cultural growth, the problems facing democracy caused by the contradictions in women’s contemporary reality.
In an era in which the distinction between justice and injustice and society and anti-society is less and less clear and draped in a veil of facile justifications, both historical and personal, collective and individual, for diametrically opposite decisions, the Tina Merlin cultural Association aims through its work to reinforce values and reference points for interpreting the way we live in society.
Over recent years, the Association has therefore promoted the publication (or republication) of the works of Tina Merlin, and the debate which they provoke, to deal from time to time with important issues: the role of women in the social context of the Veneto region, the importance of democracy, the defence of mountain populations against the invasion of big economic developments; books which have offered us the chance to reinterpret on many different levels episodes which have marked the history of the last fifty years; from the posthumous “La Casa sulla Marteniga” (a book of memories which are not only personal but are the memories of the Belluno mountain population around the last world war) and “Sulla pelle viva”, a detailed reconstruction of the events which led to the Vajont disaster.
This is also the starting point for the Association’s “battle for the Piave” against the indiscriminate exploitation of the mountain which has bled rivers and torrents, profoundly changing the environment and the landscape – fundamental elements in the very identity of the population of this part of Italy, and for the right of the local community, in this case too, to self government.
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