The Associations’s aims

The Association has the following aims:

To promote and publicise the works of Tina Merlin, both by collecting and publishing her writing – both previously published or unpublished – and by promoting study initiatives, conventions, research, theses and any other initiatives which may be considered useful;

To stimulate, by promoting and publishing activities which support the ideals of social justice, the search for truth, solidarity, intellectual curiosity and cultural tolerance; values which characterised the life and work of Tina Merlin. This could be sought through various forms of expression, from historical research to creative art and investigative journalism;

To promote as priority issues research and study initiatives on the history and culture of women, the history of the lower classes, particularly mountain communities, literature and journalism.

Also making up part of the aims of the Association are activities which promote human and social development, including those organised in collaboration with other associations, and projects which aim to help communities hit by disasters.

The Tina Merlin Cultural Association is supported, other than by numerous members and private individuals, by local bodies like the Belluno Provincial Authority and Belluno, Trichiana, Longarone, Castellavazzo, Vajont and Sospirolo Town Councils. The Association has been honoured with the moral, intellectual and scientific support of Gianfranco Bettin, Renzo Franzin,Mario Isnenghi, Gianpaolo Pansa, Marco Paolini, Mario Passi, Guido Salvini, Mario Rigoni Stern, Franca Trentin Baratto, Saverio Tutino, Gabriele Vacis e Andrea Zanzotto.